Ocean Freight

Embrace Global Logistics offer a wide range of services via Ocean Freight, we cover Imports, Exports and Cross Trade.


Embrace Global Logistics offer Import Services for both LCL & FCL from the Far East, South East Asia, Middle East, India Sub Continent and North America to the UK.

We work with overseas partners across the globe to enable us to assist with your shipments whether the terms are FOB or EXW.

We work to your budget and transit requirements and ensure the smooth handling of the shipments from start to finish. Once the booking is arranged we pride ourselves on customer service ensuring that you are notified of any issues or delays that arise as and when they occur.

Prior to the goods arrival in the UK you can be sure to receive an arrival notice advising when the vessel is due in and details of the unpack facility on any LCL and what freetime and demurrage is included to enable you to arrange the necessary payment of duties and taxes that are applicable on clearance.

We are then able to arrange the delivery to your required location.


Embrace Global Logistics have a significant coverage across both LCL & FCL markets worldwide which include the Far East, Australasia, Middle East, Africa, Mediterranean, India Sub Continent, Latin America, Caribbean, North America & Canada.

Our clients generally ship under terms such as CPT, DAP or DDP and for our overseas agent nominations we can ship out under FOB or EXW.

We are always monitoring markets, rates and transits negotiating with various carriers to ensure our buying rates enable our clients to not only experience a cost effective solution but one which can meet their deadlines for delivery to the end user.

We only work with reliable agents globally who work with us hand in hand. Our joint aim is always to grow volumes and to increase more direct sailing offerings for LCL which will enable future saving for our clients. We constantly measure destination charges to ensure ours meet the expectations of our clients, it is extremely important as a reputable service provider to ensure we provide our clients a service that goes above and beyond the terms of shipment and that we assist our clients in every step of the process even after out contractual agreement has ended. This enables us to maintain and increase support through our clients and through positive experience and word of mouth.

We work to KPI’s to ensure we deliver on our promise of good customer service. We aim to return standard quotes within 1-2 hours, DAP or DDP within 24hours, booking confirmations within 1 hour of receipt. Documentation to be sent across for approval prior to vessel sailing and issuance and despatch of said documents within 24-48 hours after vessel sailing.

Cross Trade

Due to our global service offerings working with multiple agents across many continents Embrace Global Logistics can offer services linking different countries outside of the UK. We are always exchanging requirements and understanding important market conditions that enable us to offer cross trade services with confidence and capability. We are sure to be able to offer you a competitive solution and a reliable service that meets both your requirement and expectation.

LCL (Less Than Container Load)

At Embrace Global Logistics LCL Consolidation is an important concept for our business. Running consolidations enables us to provide our clients with a service that focuses on the fastest transits available at cost effective prices whilst being able to service other parts of the world through transhipment hubs around Europe, Middle East, India and Asia. We can offer services from CFS to CFS, Door to CFS and even Door to Door.

Embrace Global Logistics Ltd work with overseas agents that are tried and tested, agents we have worked with for many years that understand our business. They understand that whist being cost effective on our ocean freight we must also demonstrate that our Origin and Arrival charges are competitive that the service must be extended by them to enhance the overall client experience.

We task our agents to research their local markets each month to ensure our arrival charges remain competitive. They agree that to firstly maintain support we must work together as a partnership to provide regular updates on arrivals, sailings, feeder vessels and to be pro-active in advising of possible delays which can occur in shipping from time to time.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Embrace Global Logistics can offer services for Import to the UK, Export from the UK and Cross Trade between countries outside of the UK. We work with major carriers around the world and negotiate monthly rates.

Whilst most FCL bookings generally require containers to be positioned at the load point for the loading facility to pack the containers there are occasions where our clients load points can be a small warehouse that don’t have ramps or facilities to load and with our experience, network of hauliers, warehousing and carriers we can provide a one stop shop for your shipping requirement and are able collect the material loose, load the container at one of our handling facilities and arrange the shipping of your container to arrival port or through to door.

At Embrace Global Logistics we are also able to negotiate long term rates and validities on regular volume traffic. We work for our clients to find various carrier options that can enable us to meet your requirement on the price, transit, frequency and volume of containers giving us multiple options to enable continuity of loading, shipping and delivery of your containers.


Car Transport

Embrace Global Logistics have experience and knowledge of shipping all types of vehicles including family cars, sports cars through to mobile cranes and trucks. Depending on the size of the vehicle determines whether it can be loaded into a container or if it must travel by RORO. In some instances, the vehicle can safely be loaded into containers however it maybe that your preference is to send as RORO to enable you to take delivery of your vehicle directly from the port or CFS. Your preference maybe that it travels by container for security and peace of mind.

We work with RORO carriers and container carriers to enable us to provide competitive rates and worldwide coverage. Car shipping in containers requires specific expertise for loading and unlike our general freight depots we use only specialist loading facilities to load, lash and secure our classic cars and sports cars.